0757-01: A.H. SCHIRM


Archives are databases with more information than we can comprehend. Almost everything is accesible, but exactly because of that a lot stays hidden in the endless storage rooms of archives. In 'het Haags Gemeentearchief' I randomly requested a piece called 0757-01. It turned out to be all the annual reports of the town's pharmacy from 1906 up until 1960. This included a lot of written reports by the director of that time: A.H. Schirm. By going through the reports I could find quite a lot about Schirm's life.

The historical sensation of holding these written reports, made Schirm come alive for me. He existed within these reports. The work 0757-01: A.H. Schirm pulls Schirm out of the anonymity of the archive and turns him into a website. It is a website that celebrates the archived remains of a person, who becomes the data that is left of him.

This work was part of the Archive Live exhibition at de Academie Gallerie in Utrecht.

Archive Live Project

Archive Live First Room
Archive Live First Room
Archive Live First Room