Winning Exhibition Concept // Academie Gallerie Utrecht

In a world where viewing art and design is becoming increasingly accesible to everyone with a steady internet connection, the experience of viewing changes drastically. The screen becomes a layer between the viewer and the displayed work, which empahsizes different sensory aspects and inevitably gives a different value to it. Art and Design archives have to deal with this change first hand. This raises a question: how do you preserve design in a manner that deals with this change and still displays different aspects of a work?

The concept for Archive Live was to raise this question to the public, as well as investigating a possible solution. In Archive Live, there are no works physically available in the gallery. Instead, works can be requested by a viewer. The requested work then will be showed live on three screens, each emphasizing a unique aspect of the work. The work is showed in a performative manner, in which camera placement, light, sound and how to handle the work is documented strictly.

I created this concept together with a team of 3 co-students, and was also involved with the technical team, working on the placement and setup of screens, cameras, lighting and sound. I also made concept sketches for the gallery layout and did some UI sketches for requesting works.

I worked on this concept together with:Boris Cornelissen; Jordi Verrijdt; Ruben Gijselhart.

Archive Live Opening
Archive Live First Room
Archive Live First Room