Promotional Videos & Live Visuals  Multiple Locations

Disko Disko hosts the most wonderful clubnights in Utrecht, and - quite recently - in Nijmegen and Amsterdam. The nights are often described as wild, colorful, but also intimate, celebrating disco music from around the globe. The words 'wild' and 'colorful' were the starting point for my visual design-process, which entails promotional videos and teasers, as well as live VJ sets during the events. I use and mash up (vintage) found footage to create color-boosted chaotic visuals and combine it with playful typography. Both for the live content and the promotional videos, this style stays coherent. The Disko Disko graphic designer (Boris Cornelissen) started with this idea on the printed matter and the logo, which I translated to the video medium.

Disko Disko thrives on creating themed clubnights, such as Disko Disko Partizani, or Disko Disko Tokyo. For the visual experience I try to bring along something fresh and fun every event; such as holograms or projection-mapped discoballs.

Disko Disko 1 Year Anniversary
Disko Disko 1 Year Anniversary

Photos by Boris Cornelissen