Installation & Website (as part of Circus Family)  RAUM, Utrecht

During my internship at Circus Family, I helped creating an installation called 'Harmonie'. During the lockdown, there was a demand for new safe ways of sincere communication and connection. The exposition 'Living Apart Together' hosted at RAUM Utrecht invited artists to create a work around this theme. Harmonie invites the viewer to interact with a grid of 16 lights, discovering a harmony in light and sound when walking through the grid. There is also an online adaptation of the installation, that you can walk through with your mouse. Your online interaction is also visible on the physical installation via a livestream, creating a connection between the physical and digital viewer.

My role in this project was to design the online adaptation of the website, the colors of the installation and to help build the installation.

For the design of the online adaptation, I worked closely with webdeveloper Dominique de Vos, communicating to get as close as possible to the physical experience from an eagle eye perspective.

Harmonie Installation
Harmonie Installation

Courtesy of Circus Family, Photos by Yuri Hiensch