Visual Identity & Live Visuals  ZIMIHC theater, Utrecht

KRIS asked me to provide his first two ep's with a visual identity. KRIS makes electronically composed music that injects life and feeling into the computer. I took this concept and translated it into symbols for every single track, and animated them to give them liveliness and personality. The symbols and animations are used on different platforms: on the album covers, on social media and as a Spotify Canvas.

EP Covers

For the KRIS live concert, I worked closely together with Chris Vos to create visuals for a semi-transparent projection screen and for a grid of 16 LED-bars. The musicians perform behind the projection screen and are positioned in between the LED-bars. All the visuals and LED-bar animations were triggered live by either me or an OSC connection to the musicians.

Photos and video shot by Nyré Tiessen, video edited by Chris Vos