Mixed Media Experience

Storm is Coming is a mixed media experience that derived from a one week workshop given by Stëfan Schäfer about the anthropocene. In February this year, David Wallace-Wels wrote in the New York Times that fear might be the only way to save ourselves from climate destruction. I found this an interesting theory and followed up with research on where fear of the climate came from, and how it is portrayed throughout history; in religion, on the streets, but especially in the film-industry. What caught my attention was the tendency of science fiction movies to portray this fear in larger than life storms that doomed on the horizon and approached slow but threateningly. There is always that eerie moment of calm before the storm.

As a result of my research I made three works, combined in one experience. There is a big storm projection, a cellphone warning message, and a 'the end is near-type' sandwich board. The combination of the works reflect on how far you can go with using fear as a motivator.

The typeface used in this project is a beta version of Oldenorth, by Peter Roeleveld.

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